Inches closer

Missing you         

I was inches closer to forgetting how much I missed you.

Well, letting go of the thought of missing you, at the very least.

Its been days since your last fingerprints faded off my skin.

Yet, your footsteps keep leaving a mark

as the story of our last goodbye is retold in my mind,

over and over.

I’ve always been a fein,

always craved your touch.

I thought,

that maybe i could built up a tolerance,

and get used to the distance the further it got.

But your presence subdues any high.

And being my deepest inhale, I cant bear to simply exhale you out.

And i’ve tried,

But it doesn’t work when you keep leaving me astray of your presence,

and commend me to continue craving more at every break of dawn.

Besides, your kisses only last so long,

when they’re far gone every morning.

I was inches closer to to blurring the constant notice of your absence,

Inches closer to being detached from your withdrawal

and inches closer to numbing the thought of missing you.


I’m thousands of miles away and consequently, inches subside into centimeters

And to be honest, in the end,

being centimeters closer to letting go

might even be to soon

and my bodies not ready

to stop missing you.


Short love story

His physique was her perfect picture

His body, her canvas 

His mind arose something inside her

Something that most men couldn’t stir with fancy dinners or expensive cars 

The way his smile glistened in the cloud of smoke 

And his eyes beamed when he spoke of his writing

Enchanted her

She believed he was a million deep breaths

Yet to him, she was a silent sigh

Morning after 

Room spinning

As you stand in front of the mirror
In last nights dress
Your breath wincing of cigarettes and day old whiskey 
Head pounding as you attempt to reoccur the events of the night before 
As you drank to forget
The times you spent with him
The times you didn’t need Jack Daniels to remind you how to be happy 
The times a hangover was nothing but the 5 minutes after he kissed you goodbye 
That 5 minute hangover that elongated into countless blackouts 
and meaningless hookups
As you lost yourself searching for his one last kiss
But once again,
ended up with nothing 
but that poisonous bottle against your lips 
And that heinous hangover the morning after

Unvarnished like the way you left me

I was once enraptured by your touch
Always yearned that exhilarating high,
Adrenaline rush
Your vibrations sent chills up my spine
My body addicted to your clutch
As you placed your lips against mine
Boy, the way you shot me up cloud nine
I was once hypnotized by your gaze
When your eyes locked on mine
As you told me you admired my ways
I should’ve sensed your selfish treacherous craze
Your hands trailing down me
My emotions, 
screaming to be set free
Our bodies danced around 
creating a beautiful fantasy
What really was a far-fetched reality 

Your breaths, 
echoing down my ear
As I resisted your love
Trying to conquer the fear
Feelings preventing me from seeing clear 

You wanted me to beg for you
Reassurance of the truth?
If only the love you proclaimed for me wasn’t far from true
Our naked bodies bare,
yours pressed on mine
Who knew we were left with so little time
Your cold lips continuing
pressing down my neck
Stalling around the ultimate goal
Slow movements and teasing taking its toll
Less teasing? more pleasing?
Is that what you wanted?
If only it was flaunted, 
The game continued, 
Your movements getting closer
Until it was time
Until every kiss and touch built up into the very moment you were so eagerly awaiting
I was weak
Goosebumps dissipating every strength in me
And my body caved in
As I fell for your false amatory role
and foolishly, let you take control
My head tilted back
Craving more 
Ready for your attack
Until suddenly the truth came out,
And our surroundings went jet black

Foolish lover

I wish i saw the truth behind your words as easy as you once faked them.

I wish, oh how I wish, I overlooked the amalgamation of meaningless gesticulations you  managed to hypnotize me with.
The empty promises, the mistaken beliefs.
Your false exertions,
The doltish love letters.
A spectacle awning every dagger in between. 
Am I to blame for the forlorn bruises you implanted on my back
When I stared straight into your eyes?
As it was my ultimate fault for not looking.