Short love story

His physique was her perfect picture

His body, her canvas 

His mind arose something inside her

Something that most men couldn’t stir with fancy dinners or expensive cars 

The way his smile glistened in the cloud of smoke 

And his eyes beamed when he spoke of his writing

Enchanted her

She believed he was a million deep breaths

Yet to him, she was a silent sigh



The fisherman who searched to be lostlived adrift in the greatest massiveness of Earth’s offers

He replaced his every worry with the flick of a pole,

Allowing the empty sea to feed off his sorrows

In the dark dismal emptiness

Completely unaware of the reality

of the eternal deepness

underlying his very own inconsequential presence

But he wasn’t alone

The company of an occasional whistle of a boat,

and the lighthouse blaze

Were his solemn reminders

of the beauty in the often unacknowledged

The ocean breathed his perpetual sublime

And the bracing wind craving his deliberation

At the verge of its every touch

Revived the fishermen’s most vivacious sensations

Reminding him of what it meant to feel alive

The salty aroma, his drug

And the invigorating breeze, his savior

The lone fisherman searched to be lost

And in that,

He was lost

And found himself

In his own presence

To my senior class, tomorrow is the day

12:35am and your excitement doesn’t allow you to fall sleepAs you lay out your fresh new uniform for your first day of high school 

Eager for the moments to come

Its mid December and you’ve become best friends with a group of new beautiful people

And have a crush on that beautiful boy in your English class 

You thought it’d be cool to take a few shots out of that Smirnoff bottle

Until you’ve learned what a hangover is

And said once or twice that you’re never drinking again

Summer before sophomore year and you’ve already made wonderful memories, some you will remember for the rest of your life

Others, you won’t even recall the names of some faces that were there

You may have failed a few tests 

And teared over a few boys,

Had your back stabbed by a few bitches 

And regretted all those lies you told your mom

When you were really out at that party getting wasted 

So months elapse, and you pass the awkward stage

And your an upper class men now 

You walk past the people you were friends with two years ago, as if you never even knew their name

Your struggling to maintain an acceptable GPA, and stressing at the sound of the word “college” or “future”


Your waking up for your last first day of high school ever

Embracing that bittersweet feeling of knowing it’s all about to end

Very few friends have sticked by your side from the moment you began high school

And many others slowly filling a place in your life

Senior lunch

Grad bash

Before you know it it’s the morning after prom night and your watching the videos of the prior night laughing at the moments you don’t remember 

And the hookup you never expected

People in school are talking about who won prom queen 

Or who wore it best

And as quickly as all the weeks flew by, and the months, and the years, 


Here you are

Sitting 4 years away from the beginning of what would be the biggest life changing experience of your life.

What now is, the epitome of everything you’ve become until this day

You’ve walked through 4 long years 

4 long years of betrayals and heartbreaks 

Accomplishments and failures

And as many times you complained about your hatred towards high school

Days from now, maybe weeks, maybe even years, as long as it takes, you will soon realize all the good that has come from those past 4 years of sacrifice and hard-work

The lessons you learned after trusting the wrong people, 

Loving the wrong faces 

Believing the wrong things

Have led you to the very place you are in now

The final destination of an old journey, 

and a beautiful starting point to the rest of your life 

It’s Not Just You

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Confession: probably my biggest pet peeve on the planet is when people start a question with “Am I the only one who…?” No. You’re not. You’re not the only one who writes that way, reads that way, likes that food, likes that band, thinks Benedict Cumberbatch sounds like a Game of Thrones character or looks like someone squeezed Spongebob and stuck googly eyes on him…you’re just not. But. There’s a different kind of “Is it just me?” feeling, and that’s the stress of when you’re drowning in something and nobody’s talking about it and you feel like everyone’s got it together but you, and so you don’t wanna say a thing, and it all snowballs until you basically wanna curl up and die. I know that feeling. It’s why I wrote this post after splitting with my first agent. So in case you are wondering any of these things, I…

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Darkened Denial

It’s easy to talk about once it already happened

After the hangovers,

The heartbreaks,

The last hit of your blunt

But while it’s happening,

We’re in denial

And fool ourselves to believe nothing’s wrong

Maybe we don’t notice,

Or maybe we’re too scared to admit the truth

So we hide it 

Behind a cloud of smoke

Or a few shots

Then throw it up the morning after

And distract ourselves with the blurred memory

We don’t realize it 

Until we’ve regretted doing a fair share of the wrong things to forget,

Or pushed away a few friends,

Or drank to many screwdrivers and inhaled too much green 

That we can’t even remember who we really are

And we lose touch with ourselves while trying to lose touch with what’s happening

Until we realize we’ve dug ourselves in a hole to deep

To climb out on our own

And we’ve lost everything we once had 

That we lose ourselves

And so we wait 

Until finally one day 

It’s over

And you’re talking about the time you once felt that way

And how you never want to go back there again

Steph’s story 

They say your first experience is the deadliest
Idk if it was the sound of the cleaning lady’s footsteps walking down the halls

Or the adrenaline rush of being seconds closer to death

As Mary advised me of the feeling to come

Pointing at her sugar coated nail polish

These series of events were the trigger

That muffled us to cover our delinquency 

Our voices mute but it wasn’t silent

They say scream rhymes with caffeine

But not right away

The minutes passing as Casper is premeditating his approach

My body numb

But my ears screeching

Of the white powder running down my throat

My tongue tingled from chemicals reacting 

As I screamed to overlook my senseless emotions

The sound that sent my mind flying

Yet my body still 

As I stood there in another dimension