Tune back in

It’s so easy to flip back and forth through our apps, messages, emails. Notifications are always updating and when they’re not,

We post another story. And receive another snap. It’s a constant cycle of always having something to do, always having new posts to scroll through. Always having new ways to shut off our thoughts.

But constantly multitasking our way through life can have a negative impact on our minds.

In this era of digital media overload, we need to be conscious of the time we spend being conscious of our minds. Our thoughts. Our experience with ourselves.

We live day by day completing task after task, responsibility after responsibility. We need to ask if we are truly living or just going by our day to day.

It’s so easy to get lost in the flow of things and miss out on a real human experience.

It’s easy to get caught up in what seems like the present moment. But it’s so normal to be thinking of elsewhere when we’re constantly viewing it on our screens, or wishing you had things different…. but when you do this you are blocking yourself out from the present moment.

It’s so important to remind ourselves to stay in tune with what we are currently experiencing. Ask ourselves how we feel, what we can do to enjoy it better, and be able to intake more value from the experience.


You are your life’s own author

For those who don’t know I switched majors from Business to Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering exactly one year ago and I’ve been following a challenging but rewarding class schedule in order to advance in the major and stay on track. This summer I enrolled in 6 weeks Linear Algebra (which I do not recommend anyone to take such an intense class in that short amount of time) as well as 14 weeks Calculus 3, Physics w/Calc, and Physics Lab. (Trust me, I know…)

Attending 15+ hours of lecture a week over summer in Miami and having to study the quality of coursework these classes are comprised of has been an experience. Not to mention working 25+ hours a week at a restaurant as a new server, practicing music at the same time and trying to maintain a social life. It almost sounds impossible.

I encountered what it truly meant to not have enough hours in a day. To attend classes every morning (which are extra long during summer term), commute from class to class all around Miami, have to study 10+ hours a day for days straight, get home at midnight and have no time to spend with friends or family, let alone have no time to answer calls or text messages, work 10 hour shifts until 3am every weekend, and of course… deal with the sleep deprivation that came along with it all. Battling time became a daily norm –

As some of you may be reading this asking what is wrong with this girl, I can honestly tell you I would not have wanted it any other way.

In the beginning I thought I would fail. I almost quit my job and dropped a class because of sleep deprivation and stress, but I worked my way through it and focused on my goal.

Pushing myself through a cycle where I was constantly finishing one task after another, and dedicating all my time to myself and my goals, allowed me to really embrace what I am capable of accomplishing.

Not having enough time to do what I need taught me how to use the time I have to make more.

Taking advantage of every moment I have, whether to study, make money, music, or workout has taught me I am in control of what I chose to do in my life no matter how difficult or impossible it seems.

I am proud to have (barely) made it past these 6 weeks and end Linear Algebra with a B+ as well as maintained an A in both calc 3 and physics… as well as haven’t quit my job…

I am not here to complain nor brag but to set an example as someone who used to be lazy and set excuses for myself to someone who has been able to throwaway limits and push for what I desire…

You are not controlled by your current situation unless you allow it to.

If you really truly want something, set your mind to it, use your TIME correctly, and you will get it.

Take advantage of life’s infinite possibilities, never leave room for doubt

And always keep your doors open to opportunity

Obtaining a strong mindset and keeping your FOCUS is key to accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The road can get difficult but YOU have the key to the emotions and energy that will guide you through it. Most of us learn this the hard way, the hardest part is actually believing it.

Your life is truly a reflection of your thoughts

And the universe doesn’t reward you simply by what you ask for, but by how you react to the situations that are thrown your way.

Learn to accept your reality, and create your best way to embrace it.

This has been a tiring but beyond rewarding experience and I am excited for everything life has in store,

Love your life, it’s your only one!!

I hope I can help others going through time struggles or just loss of motivation, feel free to reach out ☺️

Swimming in deserts 

And it’s not until the last group of chills rush through your spine
And the salty memories drop down your lips

That the fog is shivered off your mind

The ability to breathe at your fingertips

It’s not easy being clouded

Being unaware


It’s like you’re about to reach for it

But then can’t even talk about it 

They say the key is to be aware

They forget the warning that said to beware

Be where? 

Elsewhere is where I want to be

All this foreign nuisance is suffocating me

From time to time it’s like I forget to breathe

Making my surroundings the ultimate enemy

And I tell myself it’s not the way to be

Me myself and I this shits getting kinda lonely

And it’s when the lights out 

That it begins to hit

Saying everything’s fine only works every little bit 

Sometimes it’s even hard for us to figure out our mind 

Someone who’s really got their shit together is getting hard to find 

After all it’s all about when you’re on your own

The things you do when you’re on your grind or just out getting stoned 

It’s easy to get off track and overthink our misfortunes 

When it’s as if you’re sweating in desserts not swimming in oceans

But the musics always playing and the same beats on repeat

And at times its a repetition and you’re tempted to cheat

But just keep your goal set and be prepared to defeat

Because in the end in this life all you need is your mindset and two feet 

Inches closer

Missing you         

I was inches closer to forgetting how much I missed you.

Well, letting go of the thought of missing you, at the very least.

Its been days since your last fingerprints faded off my skin.

Yet, your footsteps keep leaving a mark

as the story of our last goodbye is retold in my mind,

over and over.

I’ve always been a fein,

always craved your touch.

I thought,

that maybe i could built up a tolerance,

and get used to the distance the further it got.

But your presence subdues any high.

And being my deepest inhale, I cant bear to simply exhale you out.

And i’ve tried,

But it doesn’t work when you keep leaving me astray of your presence,

and commend me to continue craving more at every break of dawn.

Besides, your kisses only last so long,

when they’re far gone every morning.

I was inches closer to to blurring the constant notice of your absence,

Inches closer to being detached from your withdrawal

and inches closer to numbing the thought of missing you.


I’m thousands of miles away and consequently, inches subside into centimeters

And to be honest, in the end,

being centimeters closer to letting go

might even be to soon

and my bodies not ready

to stop missing you.

Throwback Thursday

As usual, it’s not a Thursday if it’s not followed by a throwback. A throwback far from the monotony of a basic selfie or blurry picture at a house party, of course. But an enthralling throwback, the kind that you relive as you’re swallowed into the array of emotions driven by your voice as you re-tell it. The analeptic kind. This #tbt is going to go back to one of the most memorable, and magnificently insane, weeks of my life, aka Miami Music Week. Aside from the abundance of DJ’s I met, intoxicated Uber rides I took, and the abundance of live videos on my camera roll, the epitome of the story could not be overridden by anything but the experience itself. This #tbt took place on the night of March 24th, 2015.

Olalla, my friend from Madrid, and I were at home picking out our outfits and getting ready for her first night out in Miami. It started out in Sunset Music Festival 2013, when i was convinced I was madly in love with one of the brother DJ’s from DVBBS, Alex Andre. We all know what it’s like having a crush on a performer we’re never going to actually date. Where the stage is our closes encounter, and we can’t seem to do anything about it but obsess over his beauty and replay his best tracks (if you’re a guy, re-read this replacing he with she. Admit it, it’s true). Pause, my apologies. It’s tempting, gazing off as I guide you through the wonders of memory lane.
Anyways, life never fails to fascinate me by the interesting ways it works. Moments like these remind me of the wonders of reason, the laws of attraction, and the connectivity of everything on this Earth.
The night begun as we picked out our outfits and jammed out to some sets on soundcloud. We popped open a beer each and had a toast to a great night. Olalla texted her friend Danny Avila, a famous local DJ in Madrid.

“11:00 pm outside the DJ entrance at story”, he replied.

Olalla and I searched up the line up for that night and find out DVBBS was going to be performing, not the slightest clue of what was actually coming for us, we screamed out in excitement and hurried out my front door.

After being introduced to some of Danny’s friends, we made our way through Story’s famous green room, passing hundreds of amazing DJs signatures, climbing up the steep stairs, and finally making our way up the DJ booth.

“I’m meeting Alex DVBBS no matter what tonight,” I tweeted before my wish actually came true.

The first act was sander van doorn, I’ve been a fan since my first year attending ultra, and I had the pleasure of meeting him first that night.

It was a Tuesday night and the club was a little bit empty. People started heading out to LIV including Danny Avila and my promoter Sal. Olalla and I hadn’t had one drink all night and we were left alone us two.

The next act went on, laid back luke. One of the craziest backstage performances ive seen by far, and he was a very nice person himself.

His performance was amazing and we met a journalist meanwhile. She had pink hair and had just gotten back from Thailand, she was pretty rad.

Time went by and we were starting to get a little bored as we waited for DVBBS to preform.

Things started to get a little crazy when Wacka Flacka walked in… Literally. I saw him chug half a bottle of vodka in a matter of seconds. Not to mention the fact he was so drunk his pants went down as he stood up on the DJ booth and I saw half of his bare ass.

His performance was random. Olalla and I stayed sitting because our feet were killing us and we were beginning to get in a bad mood from all the waiting.

Finally, the securities begin to flash there flashlights for a new act that had just arrived and was making there way up the stairs. There they were.

I make my way through the DJ booth and introduce myself to Alex. I mentioned how I am a friend of Arya’s, a mutual friend of ours, but that’s a whole different story. He immediately began conversation and was telling me about how they went way back and used to live together in Beverly Hills. We finished talking and I went back to where I came from. A few minutes passed and I felt a tap on my shoulder, I turned around and found Andres Fresko, a local miami DJ and one of Alex’s friends. They invited me to follow them down the back and join them in the green room. No fucking way. Me and Ollala were in shock.

When we got to the green room, we talked and passed around a blunt with a few of his friends.

“DVBBS your on make your way up to the stage” the microphone echoed

We all ran up following them to the booth

They had so much energy jumping around and shaking their heads all over the place. They played some of my favorite songs, some of which I had seen them preform at Sunset Music Festival.

They called up some Argentinian girls to the stage, and Olalla and I became pretty good friends with them.

We watched them preform for an hour and it was already 4 am.

Since they were the closing act, when they finished, story was closing.

Olalla and I were about to say bye and call an Uber until..

“Where do u girls think you’re going, you’re coming with us”, Chris and Alex said as an escalade SUV pulled up.

We hit a blunt really fast with Alex and then somehow managed to fit 10 people in the SUV.

The Argentinians in the trunk, the journalist with the pink hair next to Olalla and Alex, and I was sitting on Chris’s lap.

That was definitely one of my favorite and most memorable car rides until this day.

We were all jamming out, I remember singing along “running through the 6 with my woes!!”. We finally pulled up to Elleven and we were all able to get in. They walked us straight in and took us to their table.

We ended up running into Danny Avila in there. Nervo and Benny Bennassi were playing that night. Money was being thrown in the air and strippers were walking around.

We partied, talked, and drank until we couldn’t drink anymore. We all had an amazing time except when one of DVBBS’s friends asked the security to take the pink-haired journalist out of their table, douschebag. And the part where I might have been a little intoxicated and my hand slipped and the bottle shattered all over the floor. Besides that, it was an insanely amazing night. Definitely one for the books, literally.

Short love story

His physique was her perfect picture

His body, her canvas 

His mind arose something inside her

Something that most men couldn’t stir with fancy dinners or expensive cars 

The way his smile glistened in the cloud of smoke 

And his eyes beamed when he spoke of his writing

Enchanted her

She believed he was a million deep breaths

Yet to him, she was a silent sigh