Steering wheel in direction

Passenger heedful
As the tires dominate the pavement and shepherd the travelers to their journeys end
I’ve always experienced some sort of admiration for long car rides
They are much more complex than they emerge
Bland people perceive them as mundane, eager to reach their upcoming destination
What doesn’t come to ones realization is the bulk of history they are itinerating by
The white SUV you drove by, they were conveying their kids to Disney for the first time,
a road trip that engraved their memories for a lifetime 
The young lovers holding hands as they drove by the exact same road you are on now, traveling together for the first time, convinced they were in love,
It’s been two years since they’ve last spoken.
The wrecked teenager running away from home, driving, driving, driving, with no destination.
The ill-stared 31 year old leaving work, on his way to meet his newborn child for the first time, when his car impelled off the shoulder of the road, 
that was the last they ever heard of him.
You drove by the roses and “Drive Safely” sign that superseded him
Hours proceed,
You’ve elapsed by thousands of homes, those of which obtain incalculable memories of their own
You have 5 minutes left,
The burned trees by the lake you’re driving by as you’re attaining your destination, once bloomed flowers that evoked the 80 year old widow of the ones her husband would bring home
She used to devote her lonesome time inhaling the aroma as she reminisced his presence 
2 minutes left,
And you’re putting your shoes back on, solaced that you ultimately ambit your end, 
You’ve migrated by countless eventualities you will never come across on, 
Not aware of the infinite aggregate of memories that will forever be succeeding yours.

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